Unified Data Security and Control: Vaultody's Industry Leading Solutions

Unified Data Security and Control: Vaultody's Industry Leading Solutions

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Unified Data Security and Control: Vaultody's Industry Leading Solutions

Vaultody`s team is dedicated to developing and integrating technological solutions that are groundbreaking and will guarantee the safety and security of our users and their digital belongings. If you navigate to our features section, you will notice how many software are being added or are in development and scheduled for integration with Vaultody`s custodial services, all of which play their own role in the provision of security measures, convenience, keeping your privacy intact, and most importantly - we ensure it is only you who possesses control over your Vaultody vaults (wallets) as well as all assets that you decide to store inside.  

Vaultody is not an ordinary wallet provision service, as we are aimed at the provision of B2B services aimed at companies and business players across different crypto market niches. We realize that businesses operate with high amounts and volume digital assets, that is why it is paramount for our team to ensure that we not only match the highest industry standards, but we go even beyond. 

What Can Vaultody Offer To My Business?

Vaultody is a set of custodial products and services, each of which is equipped with features. What sets us apart is the wide range of customer-centric features that we offer, with privacy, security, automations, ease of operations and full control being at the forefront. Let`s take a closer look at the technologies that we utilize:

Multi-party computing (MPC)

Multi-party computation (MPC) stands as an innovative transaction signing approach that eliminates the need for a single private key. Instead, it utilizes key shares, which are independently generated by various non-trusting entities, all without the necessity of data sharing. This revolutionary technique ensures that no single party gains full access or visibility to the complete key. Transactions are seamlessly signed, authorized, and broadcasted with a single signature, all while protecting the confidentiality of the signers' key shares, which remain secure within their respective domains, never becoming public information or leaving their holders' control.

The Vaultody Vault operates using a Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), providing unparalleled asset protection against both external hacks and insider threats. Under TSS, a specific threshold of active signers must be reached to authorize a transaction. The added security layer of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) ensures that the identity of signatories remains concealed, guaranteeing both security and privacy. Additionally, the MPC approach reduces transaction size, resulting in lower fees.

MPC-based solutions have the advantage of rapid scalability and adaptability. They are agnostic to blockchain platforms and can easily accommodate sudden changes such as blockchain forks, an expanded client base, and technological advancements. This versatility makes them an ideal choice for evolving and dynamic environments.

More information on Vaultody`s MPC is available in our blog and you can also refer to our article on the differences between single-sig, multi-sig and MPC wallets.

Vaultody Smart Vaults

Smart Vaults represent a groundbreaking vault concept harnessing the capabilities of smart contracts on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocols. These innovative vaults completely eradicate vault dust concerns, optimize fund management through single transactions, slash transaction fees by more than 90% when placing batch transactions, and offer limitless deposit address generation.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of Smart Vaults is the remarkable reduction in transaction-related expenses. Single transactions alone can yield savings exceeding 50%, while for batch transactions, the savings can reach an astonishing 90% or even surpass it.

All transaction fees are covered by our Smart Vaults Gas Tanker, conveniently located within the client's primary wallet. This Gas Tanker takes care of all fees related to deposit addresses, effectively eliminating wallet dust concerns across all child addresses.

Moreover, multiple transactions to various addresses can be executed with just a single transaction, enhancing convenience while significantly reducing costs, time, and effort. Additionally, the creation of an unlimited number of new deposit addresses incurs no extra charges. If you are interested to learn more about Smart Vaults, you can check our dedicated article, outlining its features and benefits. 


Webhooks, often referred to as "reverse APIs," automate the real-time exchange of data between applications and services, eliminating the need for manual checks. This functionality saves our users time and effort by allowing them to subscribe to specific events, such as transaction requests and token transaction confirmations. Currently, we offer 11 different events for subscription, giving users the flexibility to select and combine as many as they need, with settings applicable to one or multiple wallets within Vaultody's platform.

Vaultody's webhooks offer a wide array of advantages. They provide versatility and flexibility in event monitoring, enable full automation of requests and callbacks, exhibit exceptional performance with rapid response times, deliver unified data, eliminate the need for client-side development, aid in resource management and cost savings, and are indispensable for the effective management of Vaultody's vaults.

Security and Control Management

We'll provide an overview of the main features offered by Vaultody for managing digital assets securely. While we won't be able to cover all details, we'll highlight the key components:

1. Hardware Enclaves (TEEs): These innovative software and hardware amalgamations guarantee the isolation of your environment, even in scenarios where software vulnerabilities may be exploited.

2. Hot and Warm Vaults: Tailored to your specific business requirements, these vault types optimize your daily operations. Hot vaults are well-suited for managing smaller quantities of coins and tokens, enabling seamless automation through advanced API keys. Conversely, warm vaults excel in handling larger transactions and facilitate the implementation of advanced policy rules, bolstered by additional protective features to safeguard your funds.

3. Transaction Policy: With this feature, you gain precise control over who can access your funds, what actions they can perform, and when they can do so. The transaction policy acts as a dual-layered authorization mechanism, ensuring that all transaction requests originating from your vaults undergo scrutiny by designated parties before being transmitted to the blockchain.

4. Team Roles: Assign specific roles to individuals granted access to a wallet. Depending on their designated role, they'll possess a predefined set of rights, allowing them to exercise specific functions or participate in the management of a client's vault.

5. Vaultody Approver: This mobile application offers robust protection and versatile control over your account and digital assets. It empowers you to approve or decline transactions and system actions from any location, ensuring the security of your assets. Leveraging MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology, it upholds transaction security and privacy, while also providing 24/7 wallet control through features like PIN and biometrics.

6. Vaultody Vault Backup and Recovery Tool: Safeguard the continuous access to your funds and establish proof of ownership with this tool. Generate a key pair, create an encrypted backup via the Vaultody dashboard, and securely store it offline. This backup is invaluable for verifying ownership and accessing funds when needed.

In addition to these core features, Vaultody also incorporates elements such as zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs)Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), and a comprehensive transaction history, offering you enhanced encryption, privacy, and control over your digital assets. Keep in mind that our technological offerings extend beyond what's covered in this article, so feel free to reach out to our team for further information on how Vaultody can tailor its solutions to meet your specific needs and how you can maximize the benefits of our services.

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