Why You Should Use Vaultody`s Smart Vaults

Why You Should Use Vaultody`s Smart Vaults

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Why You Should Use Vaultody`s Smart Vaults

As part of our corporate mission and vision, we have been investing а lot of time and resources in the development of Smart Vaults. Smart Vaults will provide unparalleled groundbreaking innovations that cannot be found in any other product, project or technology on the market. Users can enjoy its multi-benefits and at the same time get the same exceptional security and protection level through the entire plethora of features that we are integrating in Vaultody.

What is Smart Vaults?

Smart Vaults is our new “smart” type of vault/wallet that will be available to our customers as an alternative to the standard Vaultody`s MPC wallet. We are letting our customers choose which type of wallet they would like to set-up, depending on their individual requirements. Once starting the creation process, customers will be asked to select the type of wallet they wish to create. 
These innovative vaults have been named “smart” due to their unique capabilities (which we discuss below) and the compatibility with EVM protocols that incorporate smart contracts. 

Now, to the best part as we answer the question why we claim that Smart Vaults is unique. You can take advantage of the following:

  • Single transaction fee on numerous transactions аnd from countless addresses with our Gas Tanker*
  • Over 50% reduction on gas fees
  • Up to over 90% reduction on batch transactions` gas fees   
  • No more wallet dust
  • Easier and quicker to operate with 

*Our Gas Tanker is situated in the main wallet of the client and is responsible for covering all associated with the deposit addresses fees. This is how we eliminate wallet dust from all child addresses. 

Smart Vaults Features

Smart Vaults users are going to have one main wallet in which most of the operational actions will be performed. Some of these actions are as follows:

  • Generating Deposit Addresses - Unlike traditional wallets, users have the freedom to create as many deposit addresses as they desire. This service comes at no additional cost. Moreover, the ability to create new child addresses enhances privacy and security for users
  • Delegate Link for Streamlined Transactions - Upon receiving funds in the form of coins, tokens or NFTs in any of the generated deposit addresses, users will be prompted to create a delegate link to their main wallet, where the Gas Tanker is situated. This step is completed only once and involves a small on-chain transaction fee paid by the client. From that point on, all transactions made from the linked address will incur just one transaction fee, which is covered by the Gas Tanker.
  • Batch transactions - Smart Vaults take cost-efficiency to the next level with the ability to perform batch transactions. Imagine transferring assets from 100 addresses to another 100 addresses with just one transaction fee! This functionality significantly reduces on-chain fees for tokens, often cutting costs by over 50%. For batch transactions, the potential fee reduction can be even greater, reaching up and over the impressive 90%!

Benefits of Smart Vaults

The advantages of Smart Vaults are substantial and game-changing. They can transform the way users manage their crypto assets. By choosing Smart Vaults, users receive:

  • Huge transaction fees savings (50%-90% and even above)
  • Efficiency through streamlining batch transactions and minimizing the time spent waiting for individual transactions to complete
  • Ending wallet dust - say goodbye to unused and impractical small amounts of cryptocurrency that often accumulate in wallets. Smart Vaults help users consolidate their funds, making every bit of their crypto holdings useful.
  • Enhanced security - by linking deposit addresses to the main wallet through delegate links, Smart Vaults provide an added layer of security, ensuring that all transactions are made with a single, well-protected wallet

Smart Vaults represent game-changing features for managing cryptocurrencies efficiently and securely. At Vaultody, our dedication to innovation has led us to create a product that empowers users to take full control of their digital assets, while significantly reducing on-chain fees and transaction costs. With Smart Vaults, users can experience a whole new level of convenience, making crypto transactions a breeze. Embrace the future of crypto management with Vaultody's Smart Vaults and step into a world of endless possibilities. 

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