Benefits Of Using Vaultody`s Webhooks

Benefits Of Using Vaultody`s Webhooks

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Benefits Of Using Vaultody`s Webhooks

Vaultody`s webhooks is the latest technical feature that our team released and its advantages and the convenience aspect that they bring are not to be missed. We consider using webhooks as essential when discussing this topic from a customer's perspective. Keep reading to find out why.

If you need a quick introduction to webhooks, how to set them up for your Vaultody vaults, for which events you can subscribe and listen to, and more information about our webhooks in general, you should navigate to our previous blog post.

Benefits Of Vaultody`s Webhooks

Corporate users are always looking for the best possible solutions on the market, with the easiest and most simple way to operate with. The good news for our organizational clients is that Vaultody not only matches their requirements, but even surpass your expectations with our full range of security, privacy and convenience features. 

With our webhooks, you can automatically subscribe for events which can apply to your entire wallet or wallets (also known as vaults in Vaultody). As of time of writing, we are letting our users subscribe to 11 different events - imagine how cumbersome the manual work would be if you were to check through regular intervals each  of the 11 events which can be applied to numerous vaults. 

Webhooks versatility

Through the set-up of our webhooks you have the flexibility to make a multiple choice and select a single event, several events or all events at the same time, which are then applied to a specific wallet. As you proceed with the set-up, there will be an option to apply all predefined events that you would like to listen to either a single or several vaults. This provides a great degree of flexibility and convenience to our users as well as full control on how you make your set up. 

Time-efficiency & Performance

It takes a single push to get real-time data for which you are subscribed to. This is a very high-performing feature which saves time through fully-automated, pre-defined and subscribed processes. 


Our webhooks provide unified data under the form of real time notifications, which are easily trackable, transparent and easy to monitor. Through our infrastructure, we ensure resiliency for management of multiple MPC vaults along with all addresses which are part of the vaults. 

Eliminates the need for development

The whole set-up can be done through our intuitive dashboard. We have invested extra time and effort to make sure that through our UX/UI you will be able to navigate through all available events options and create your preferred set-up. It takes seconds to create and submit for approval to the vault`s owner your wished configuration.

Saving resources

Automations are all about savings, and the case with Vaultody`s webhooks is no different. You save a lot of time, financial resources, you can reduce (and in this case completely remove) the number of workforce needed to manually track the events you care about or reduce the number of employees that will provide technical solutions for automatization.   

Must in Vaults Management

Webhooks are playing a critical role in terms of efficiently managing your Vaultody vaults. They may not be affecting the management of the vaults directly, however, the features of the webhooks influence the way vault owners make decisions and manage their digital possessions. The instant real-time data notifications can be a trigger for different in-vaults actions, such as preparing and broadcasting transactions, moving funds from one vault to another, and etc.  

In conclusion, the benefits of Vaultody`s webhooks are numerous and they are all user-centric, helping you automate your data and notification collection on specific events that you would like to monitor. It does not matter if you are using them for your individual or organizational needs, webhooks will be an irreplaceable tool in helping you manage your vaults and make informed decisions based on real-time notifications, whilst optimizing your time and resources. 

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